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Congratulations Marriott International, Inc.


2010 Company of the year

Diversity matters at Marriott and commitment to it can be found at all levels of the company. Board members and senior level
Brenda Durham,
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
executives make up the Committee of Excellence that sets diversity objectives and monitors its progress throughout the company. Locally, regional Diversity and Inclusion Councils work to attract, develop, and maintain management talent. Marriott also offers opportunities for hourly associates. For example, the Sed de SaberTM language program has enabled Latina associates to improve their English and advance into management positions.

Marriott’s formal diversity and inclusion program was established 20 years ago and its Women’s Leadership Development Program 10 years ago. Today, it continues to create new mentoring and leadership training programs. This includes two new mentoring programs that provide opportunities for entry and mid-level managers to learn from and network with senior-level executives.

Notably, Marriott expanded its workforce from 2009 to 2010. Its minority supplier development program also continues to actively pursue diverse suppliers, including Latinas.

To become a global diversity leader, Marriott Chairman and CEO J.W. Marriott, Jr. has stated that the company must lead by example, and it certainly does!

As the vice president and assistant general counsel for Marriott, Brenda Durham serves as the primary legal counsel for the company’s hotels and resorts throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. She is also the law department’s group leader for international lodging operations. In this capacity, she oversees and provides guidance to three attorneys supporting Marriott’s hotels and resorts throughout Asia, the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. She has a BA from the University of Utah and a JD from the George Washington School of Law.
The 2010 LATINA Style 50 Special Report
The LATINA Style 50 Report annually identifies the best companies for Latinas to work for in corporate America. Each company on this list has earned its place by demonstrating a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion in its workforce. They also offer a work environment and programs that enable all employees to excel. However, 2010 is not like years past. The economic crisis has transformed the job market. Whether you are a recent graduate, re-entering the workforce, or simply looking for a new opportunity, it is still a competitive market out there. That is why we have updated the LATINA Style 50 Report this year. This year, new columns have been added to our traditional chart. You will now find information on which companies are hiring, have diversity task forces, and offer continuous education opportunities to employees. Another addition is the “Best in Industry” list, which breaks down the LATINA Style 50 into economic sectors, and finally, a U.S. map illustrating headquarter locations of the top 50 companies selected has been added.

We would also like to stress that once you have a job at one of these companies or even one not on the list, the key to your success is to take advantage of the opportunities offered. Take the time to participate in online and in-person trainings, mentoring programs, brown bags, and not only in Hispanic or women’s affinity groups. Participate in all groups that affect your career and profession. Doing so will enhance your skill set, demonstrate commitment, and allow you to learn from leaders within the company, which can lead to a promotion.

Moreover, if you are a student, obtaining an internship is imperative. Professional work experience before graduating can give you the edge you need to get a job once you enter the workforce. Every company on this list and the honorable mention companies offer internships to students, and most of them are paid internships. This year, Marriott International, Inc. distinguished itself above the rest and we are proud to name it the 2010 Company of the Year.

Congratulations to the 2010 LATINA Style 50 and honorable mention companies!

Article written by Kirsten Luxbacher
Data processed by Alma Luisa Andrade and Kirsten Luxbacher

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