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2013 marks our 19th year of publication. During this time, LATINA Style Magazine has become the most influential publication reaching the contemporary Hispanic woman. LATINA Style broke new ground in 1994 by launching the first national magazine dedicated to the needs and concerns of the contemporary Latina professional workingwoman and the Latina business owner in the United States. With a national circulation of 150,000 and a readership of nearly 600,000, LATINA Style is unique in its ability to reach both the seasoned professional and the young Latina entering the workforce for the first time. The culturally sensitive editorial environment we provided showcases Latina achievements in all areas, including business, science, civic affairs, education, entertainment, sports, and the arts. We also offer technology tips and reviews, entertainment reviews, travel recommendations, investment guidance, beauty tips, food and drink recipes, automotive updates, and career advice—in summary, all of the things that impact the quality of life.

We are also proud to have created some of the most innovative and respected programs in the Latina community, including:

The LATINA Style 50 Report,
a comprehensive annual study of the fifty best companies for Latinas to work for in the United States, is the most respected evaluation of corporate America’s policies and practices as they relate to Latinas in this country. With nearly 800 companies surveyed, the report is the most serious attempt to identify the companies that provide the best career opportunities for Latinas in our country. The awards for this program were first presented in 1998 at the Vice President’s residence in Washington, D.C., and have been presented at the White House ever since. The awards have been hosted by the U.S. Secretary of Labor.

The LATINA Style Business Series, launched in 1998 with the assistance of the U.S. Small Business Administration, is the most successful business development program for Latina business owners in the nation. The program has been featured on NBC, ABC, Telemundo, and CNN, and, in The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times. This program has created a unique forum for Latina business owners to learn everything they need to start their own businesses or make their existing one more successful. Over 30,000 Latina business owners in over 100 cities have participated already in this program. New cities are on the schedule for 2013.

The National LATINA Symposium, launched in 2004 in celebration of our 10th anniversary, brings together the largest gathering of Latina leaders in the nation. The goal of the National LATINA Symposium is to ascertain, through round-table and panel discussions, as well as in-depth surveys and commentaries, the status of the Latina workingwoman in the United States. Among the issues discussed are career development, business opportunities, family issues, health and fitness, children development, cultural sensitivity, and political and civic responsibility.

The LATINA Style HERO Initiative: the Anna Maria Arias Foundation in partnership with LATINA Style launched in 2012 a four city tour to help military veterans and transitional active duty members reintegrate and assimilate into Corporate America. The skills and talents developed in the military service are highly desirable in the civilian workplace. Women and men with military experience bring a wealth of transferable capabilities that will strengthen the competitive edge of companies taking full advantage of them. While each branch of the military has their respective Transition Assistance Programs and processes, many transitioning leaders face the obstacle of having their capabilities being fully understood in the corporate arena. The sessions include expert speakers from the private and military sector leaders addressing some of the most significant issues facing transitioning personnel. Participants learn what corporations are actively seeking and hiring veterans as well as information on writing a resume in corporate language, interview tips, job boards and postings, the power of social media and networking.

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